In October 1985, the Puerto de Mogán is inaugurated, which was the basis to build an urban complex whose development is completed four years after it opened. Until then, the Puerto de Mogán, also known, as Playa de Mogán was a stone covered space where fishermen left their boats when there was bad sea.

One of the highlights of the Port is that it has been built on reclaimed land, giving it a similar style to a small fishing village, which mimics and follows the existing fishing district of Playa de Mogán.

Today, the Port with its sandy beach has become a seaside neighbourhood, thanks to its location and natural beauty, gives rise to one of the prettiest areas of the island of Gran Canaria: the “Little Venice“.

El Puerto de Mogán has been internationally recognized by both prestigious journals (article ” An extremely attractive Port ” magazine Yachting World), and for many other different organisms. In fact, since 1988 and continuously, the port is being awarded with the Blue Flag of the European Community by the clean waters and the beauty and the great conservation of all natural whole.


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