La Atlantida Submarine Park

Our submarine park “La Atlántida” is Gran Canaria’s first artificial reef. It was designed as a seabed regeneration project in a protected area and it covers a total surface area of 3000 square meters. The first elements were put in place in January 2016 and after having immersed over 350 elements of different heights, weights and shapes, the project was completed in May 2017.

The main function of these elements made in neutral ph concrete is to attract and maintain a healthy marine life and its environment. In order to ensure an authentic refuge, fishing and boat anchoring are not permitted in this area. Immersions are controlled and thanks to the propulsion of our submarine by electric motors, this is an environmentally-friendly activity, carried out with the utmost respect for the sea.

This fantastic artificial reef showcase is laid out on both sides of a 150-meter-long corridor, which recreates the ruins of an ancient civilisation…Perhaps the mythical Atlantis.


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Atlantida Submarine S.L.

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