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Atlántida Submarine SL, is a company located in Puerto de Mogán and has a long experience in the tourism sector, which offers various activities such as guided visits trough the Port and a travel to the bottom of the sea in our submarine, the Golden Shark.

The company was established in November 1996 and the purpose was to offer excursions to the bottom of the sea. In 1997 the submarine Golden Salmon (Mark II model), of Finnish origin, began to sail the seabed of Puerto de Mogán. After several years of activity, the Golden shark replaced it, which is also a Finnish submarine and is our current submarine, equipped with most advanced technology, a more modern design and capacity.

The Golden Shark (Mark III model) belongs to the third generation of submarines specifically designed for the tourist market, reaching a maximum of 75 meters deep and it does not encourage any risk to the passengers. However in our submarine routes the Golden Shark dives only about 25 meters and the reason is because this is the maximum depth of the area.

M-F 9:00 a 19:00 / S-D 10:30 a 17:00

T. (+34) 928 565 108

F. (+34) 928 565 048

Atraque en Pantalán Dique Sur
Puerto de Mogán – Islas Canarias


Atlantida Submarine S.L.

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