Technical features

The submarine Golden Shark, Mark III model, characterized by the following technical features:

  • Length (Length): 18.30 meters / Beam (width): 3.85 meters.
  • Weight: 108,000 kilos.
  • Capacity: 44 people and 2 pilots.
  • Six 20 HP electric motors that allow excellent manoeuvrability and movement in all directions.
  • Two separate cabins, one for passengers (maximum 44 persons) and one for the drivers (Note: Pilots are Merchant Marine Officers).
  • Portholes 0.60 meters in diameter.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • A TV monitor to display transient manoeuvres dive and ascent to the surface.
  • Oxygen reserve during 72 hours (3 days).
The submarine meets all the safety regulations issued by the authorities of the Navy, being up to date on all regulatory inspections.


Atlantida Submarine S.L.

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